Rugby 50m Dry Dive

Organised by a member of our friends at Evesham SAC », Cotswold BSAC members joined a trip to the Midlands Diving Chamber » for a 50m dry dive experience!

This was a very educational and fun trip which was enjoyed by all! Some had been before, but for others it was their first time, and even a first to 50m. Any diver can partake in a dry dive, (even those in training) its more about understanding ear equalisation rather than diver qualification (and you certainly feel that!!)

As always much hilarity ensured, with squeaky voice and narked divers, and props and games provided for extra fun 🙂

The much needed curry stop was enjoyed on the way home, with everyone throughly enjoying, and recommending this experience!

Thanks to Carmen from Evesham SAC for the photos.

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