Red Sea November 2017

In November 2017, six non Facebook members/ex members went diving in the Southern Red Sea onboard a liveboard. On the itinerary was Daedalus, Big/Little Brother & Elphinstone to name but a few. There were many sharks, especially on Big Brother. For example, we came out of the Numidia wreck to be met with large white tip oceanic sharks and hammerheads in the distance. On another site a group of divers were mobbing a turtle and our guide went over and indicated for them to back-off. Later in the dive we met up with the turtle and had some good interaction with it. Overall throughout the week there was lots to see.

An excellent week was had by all – Geoff, Richard G, Steve, Richard H, Gordon and Nigel.

Thanks to Richard H for the writeup and photos.

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