Switiching from Open to Closed

Having dived for several years on open circuit scuba, I’ve long held an interest in what the strange people with yellow boxes on their back are doing. Meet any Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) diver and they will happily bore you senseless about how great that type of diving is. It seemed to offer lots if benefits, and a new challenge, so when a friend needed a buddy to join him on the course I jumped at the chance.

We did the BSAC course, run by an instructor from the BSAC Technical Group, using Vobster Quay for the open water dives. Theory was done in advance over Skype to free up time at the site and evenings.

It’s a good progressive course, with a minimum of 6 hrs in-water time, covering routine operation as well as failure management.

Doing it in February may not be everyone’s idea of fun, with 7 degree water temperature it certainly tests your undersuit to its limit, but we were blessed with unusually warm top-side temperatures and wall-to-wall sunshine each day, which I’m sure made a massive difference.

All in all, would I recommend it? Definitely! If you’re looking to take your diving in a different direction, perhaps prepare for deeper or longer dives in the future, then CCR diving is definitely worth the investment.

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