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A dive club wouldn’t be a dive club without some diving! The members of Cotswold BSAC dive in a variety of places from flooded quarries, coastal locations and even rivers! From wrecks to reefs, swim throughs to caverns, UK or abroad, cold, temperate or tropical waters, there is always plenty of choice available. Where possible, all levels of diving from Ocean Diver to Dive Leader and above are included in the years diving.

The current year and next years diving is listed below. Being part of a dive club isn’t just about diving though. The social aspect to any club is equally important as well, if not more so. This is why Club members organise lots of social activities throughout the year, allowing everyone to get involved, socialise and meet people.

There is also plenty of other diving happening which isn’t listed here, as it is arranged at short notice, usually visits to quarries, or if the weather looks good for the coast. This is usually arranged on the Club night, so make sure you can attend to maximise your diving opportunities!

Click on the link of any event to find out more. Any questions contact the event organiser.

2019 events

Event Date/Time Minimum Qual Organiser
1st Dive of the Year 5th Jan-5th Jan Ocean Diver Jo
Babbacombe 12th Jan-13th Jan Ocean Diver Bryan
Rescue Training 9th Feb-9th Feb Ocean Diver Ian
Bingo 9th Feb, 7:30 pm Jo
Rugby Dry Dive 28th Feb-28th Feb Ocean Diver Baxter
Plymouth Hard Boat 9th Mar-10th Mar Ocean Diver Ian
Multi Club Diving at NDAC 16th Mar-16th Mar Ocean Diver Craig
Try Dive Event 22nd Mar, 7:00 pm Craig
50th Anniversary Pop Quiz 6th Apr, 7:30 pm Des
Teignmouth 14th Apr-14th Apr Dave
Swanage Hard Boat 11th May-13th May Sports Diver Craig
Plymouth Hard Boat 1st Jun-2nd Jun Dive Leader Ian
Kings Weir 29th Jun-30th Jun Sports Diver Mark/Dave
Dover 13th Jul-14th Jul Sports Diver (35m) Ian
Lundy Seal Diving 9th Aug-9th Aug Ocean Diver Ian
Porthkerris 16th Aug-19th Aug Ocean Diver Des
West Wales 7th Sep-8th Sep Bryan
AGM 2019 25th Oct, 7:00 pm Committee
Dive Planning Meeting 2020 19th Nov, 7:00 pm Craig
Dive Planning Workshop 3rd Dec, 7:00 pm Craig

2020 events

Event Date/Time Minimum Qual Organiser
50th Anniversary Annual Dinner 21st Feb-21st Feb Bryan
Rescue Management 28th Mar-28th Mar Ian
RHIB Teignmouth/Babbacombe 4th Apr-4th Apr TBC Bryan
BSAC Thames Boat Run 18th Apr-18th Apr Craig
Plymouth Hard Boat 25th Apr-26th Apr TBC Ian
Tolo – Greece 22nd May-31st May TBC Carmen

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