Portland and Purbeck (RIB)

I am organising a dive trip for July using the clubs RIB.  The trip will consist of a series of weekends along the south coast.  My current plan is as follows,

July 8th/9th – Portland and the Purbeck Coast
July 15th/16th – Slightly west of Portland
July 22nd/23rd – Plymouth
July 29th/30th – Plymouth

Dive sites will be decided once I know who’s coming so if you have anything in particular you would like to dive then please let me know and we can certainly consider options.  This trip is open to all grades, but needless to say, Ocean Divers will need to be paired with a suitably qualified buddy.  On the other side of the spectrum, if a group would like to dive something a bit deeper then get your heads together and let me know.

The RIB will be on site ready for each day as per the planned dives (TBC) so you don’t have to worry about getting nagged to tow or drive it.  All you have to do is turn up and dive, how’s that for handing it to you on a plate?  For those of you that don’t like being bustled around on the RIB, I intend to limit each dive excursion to 6 divers, if more than 6 divers want to dive on a particular day then the RIB will do shuttle runs so everyone will get a go.

To prevent having to spend an age working out sums and totting up who owes what, I have created a very simple formula,

1 person + Diving * 1 day = £10, it couldn’t really be simpler 😊

If anyone is interested in diving on any or all of these dates then please email me (Ian).

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