Come join us!

One of many Club trips out of Swanage

So you’ve read all about us on our About Page and you want to find out more about joining us? Great!

As mentioned on our Training page, you don’t have to be an existing BSAC member to join our Club. We accept divers from other agencies as well such as PADI, and quite a few of our members have qualifications in both of these agencies. If you’ve not dived before and fancy giving it a go, take a look at our Try Diving! page as a first step first.

So in order to be a member of the Club you will need to pay two fees, one to BSAC and one to the Club.

Benefits of joining BSAC

When you become a member of BSAC, you get the following benefits:

  • Access to internationally-recognised Diver Training Programme
  • Qualifications that are internationally recognised and respected
  • Monthly magazine ‘SCUBA’ delivered to your door (annually worth approx £45)
  • Save money on your diving holidays through BSAC Travel Partners
  • Worldwide Third-Party Liability insurance
  • 10% or more off BSAC items, and access to members own area of
  • Diver’s events, including shows and conferences
  • Have your say – as a member of the UK’s Governing Body for diving
  • + more!

Benefits of joining Cotswold BSAC

When you join Cotswold BSAC we can offer you the following:

  • Training from fully qualified BSAC instructors within the club
  • Swimming pool available for training, testing out diving equipment, practising diving, swimming and snorkelling
  • Diving from the Club’s 6 metre (approx 20 feet) RIB
  • Choice of Club diving trips around the UK and abroad with a busy schedule of dives organised
  • Social events such as the Annual Dinner, quizzes, ten pin bowling, meals out and BBQ’s etc
  • The use of diving equipment whilst training, and the ability to hire equipment at little cost
  • The sharing of ideas, stories, experiences (good and bad!) through our weekly Club nights
  • Free advice and recommendations from our members, including different kit configurations
  • Being part of an active, friendly club that covers a variety of ages and diverse backgrounds

So what does all this cost?

That is indeed the question, and it’s less than what you might think!

Remember that there are two parts to joining any BSAC club.

1# BSAC HQ fee
Current BSAC HQ rates are £60 annually for most grades (there are cheaper rates for the highest grades, instructors, junior members etc), but for the full lowdown and latest rates, you can find these on the BSAC website membership rates » page.

2# Cotswold 332 fee
Cotswold rates are currently £65 annually for renewing divers who require no training. For new divers who require training and ‘cross-over’ divers (those who are coming from another agency such as PADI) you will need to buy things like the necessary training packs, tables as well as making a contribution to instructor open water expenses, equipment servicing etc. These are all included in our costs as laid out below.

Ocean Diver training – £221 (this price is reduced by £30 if you use your own regulators)
Sports Diver training – £141
Diver Leader training – £111

For rates for cross-over divers, you may need to buy additional materials, depending on your level, so speak to us and we will be happy to advise you.

I’m confused?!

It can get a little confusing so here is an example. If you have never dived before and would like to receive the entry-level (Ocean Diver) training, then you will pay £60 to BSAC HQ, and £221 to Cotswold, creating a total of £281.

Where if you were an already qualified diver then the cost would simply be £60 (BSAC) and £65 Cotswold for a total of £125 per year.

The cost to do training may seem a lot, but bear in mind this includes the benefits of both joining BSAC and Cotswold for a year (see above), your training, materials and equipment. An equivalent with PADI for example, would be more. Plus as mentioned, if you require no training then you are just paying the BSAC and Cotswold fees.

Are there any other costs?

There is also a small charge for diving members to use the Club pool, this is currently £2 per week.

Are there any restrictions?

To join Cotswold BSAC you need to be aged 14 years or over and medically fit. Parental approval is needed for anyone who is 14 to 18 years of age and will need to present during all activities.

The Club will consider applications from persons aged 12 to 14 years of age, provided either a parent or guardian is also engaged in training at the same level, or is a qualified diver and will be involved in all lessons (theory and practical) alongside the junior member.

Social members

We also offer a social membership to those who won’t be diving for whatever circumstances, but wish to remain a part of the Club and still interact socially. The current cost to be a social member is £15, payable annually. The benefits of being a social member are:

  • Attend any social event that’s arranged by diving or social Members
  • Use of the Club pool for swimming at a reduced fee (£2.00)
  • Entry into the Club’s quarterly prize draw (one winner will receive £25.00)
  • Receive (through email) a bi-monthly newsletter regarding Club matters, events etc

Full paying diving members are already social members are therefore exempt from such payment.

Non-members and guests

Visitors who are neither diving members or social members can use the pool for swimming for £4 per week. Children under 16 years of age can use the pool for swimming for £2.50 per week.

It is important to note that it’s the responsibility of an adult to ensure the safety of their child whilst using the pool, and on no account must a child be left unsupervised by their parent(s).

Sounds good! How do I join?

Simply head over to our Contact Us page to let us know you are interested and we will arrange to meet you on one of our Club nights. Alternatively, just come along and say hello!