Safeguarding Policy

Cotswold BSAC believes in the safeguarding of all of its members, both adults and children, as its first consideration. We recognise that all vulnerable people participating in its activities (regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability or disability) have a right to enjoy their involvement in diving in a safe environment and to be protected from harm. Vulnerable people potentially means all members.

Cotswold BSAC fully adopts BSAC Buddy Guard, the BSAC’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy and Procedures. The Buddy Guard policy is reviewed periodically by BSAC. The Committee will take all practicable steps to ensure that the document is enacted as far as is possible. The full BSAC Buddy Guard policy document is available on »

In accordance with BSAC recommendations Cotswold BSAC requires that all members, and guests, participating in club activity (whether in-person, online, or on social media) observe the requirements of this policy and Buddy Guard.  All those directly involved with the training or management of minors or vulnerable adults should familiarise themselves with these policies to maintain and ensure compliance.

Photography Consent Form

Appointment to Act in Loco Parentis (‘in Place of Parent’)

Cotswold BSAC Safeguarding Policy February 2021

Cotswold BSAC Code of Conduct for children and young people