Try Diving!

Fancy giving diving a try?

Try dive in the Club pool

Diving is an unique experience, the feeling of weightlessness, being able to breath underwater and explore a hidden world beneath the seas. If you have ever wondered what diving was like, always wanted to give it a go, but unsure if you would like it? The ‘try dive’ is the perfect gentle introduction into the exciting world of diving. It gives you the opportunity to experience the thrill of diving under the supervision of an instructor who will look after you.

So what’s involved?

Your instructor will introduce you to the SCUBA equipment (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus), tell you the basic safety procedures to follow when diving, some hand signals so you can communicate underwater and will assist you to put on your equipment. Then comes the fun part – getting to try out diving for the first time!

Your instructor will be alongside you at all times, demonstrating some basic skills, and encouraging you to have a go yourself. Once you are feeling more confident, you can have a go at finning (swimming with fins on – not flippers!)  and go deeper into our 3.5 metre pool. This is all about enjoyment and fun, so everything is taken at your own pace and comfort level. The briefing and pool session will last about one hour.

Friends and family are welcome to come along and watch, they can sit on benches on the side of the pool. They don’t need to bring swimwear, although a camera (or disposable underwater camera) is always a good thing!

You will also be given a try dive pack with a certificate to say you have completed the try dive, a ‘Go diving with BSAC’ DVD and leaflet about how to learn to dive.

What’s the cost?

We ask for a small £15 charge for the try dive as this goes towards the costs of hiring the pool and the use of the SCUBA equipment and it’s maintenance. The Clubs instructors give up their time for free.

Do I need to bring anything?

You need to bring with you a towel and your swimwear. If you have a shorty wetsuit, or a swimming top then bring this along with you, otherwise just a normal t-shirt will do. This is simply something to make wearing the equipment more comfortable and also to keep you warm. If you already have your own mask and fins, then bring them along, otherwise these will be provided for you.

Are there any restrictions?

The only requirements are that you do not have a medical history of diabetes, blackouts (epilepsy etc), perforated eardrums, high blood pressure, heart disease, any lung or respiratory disorder (such as asthma) or dependence on drugs. If you have any questions about medical restrictions, or anything else, speak to us through the Contact Us page, or come along to a Club night and have a chat. A try dive declaration form needs to be completed prior to the try dive.

What happens next?

After your pool session and you have got changed, we encourage our try divers to join us at the pub afterwards where your instructor can debrief you. It is also an opportunity to meet the members of the club and have a chat.

If you enjoyed the try dive then the next step is to join the club as a member and start your BSAC Ocean Diver training! On gaining your Ocean Diver qualification you will be able to join in the club dives and go down to a maximum of 20 metres (approx 65 feet). More information on this can be found on the Training page.

Sounds good! How do I book a try dive?

That’s great! Simply head over to our Contact Us page which gives you all the details you need.