Bowling Night

Lots and lots of fresh, hot food!

What an excellent night of bowling! Since Hollywood Bowl in the Brewery in Cheltenham had recently opened, it seemed like a good idea to try here rather than Gloucester. The prices were a little more expensive, but we were to find out this was actually excellent value for money…

The bowling was great fun, and during the first game there was nachos provided with some dips. Some thought this was the only food available, so started to dig in. Big mistake! During the break between the two games, plates and plates of fresh, hot food arrived! Just when you thought no more would come out, another plate of food emerged! Needless to say everyone was stuffed!

The evening concluded with the prizes being given out, and a few games of not-at-all competitive crazy air hockey! Mr “I’ve never been beaten at air hockey Nick”, was you guessed it, beaten by non other than Jacqui!

Thanks to everyone who came, it was a great evening, of good company, good laughs and good food! Apologises to Julie for getting the infamous ‘In the Gutter Award’! 😉

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