Useful information for members

To make it easier for our Club members, gathered below are some of the most frequently used forms and documents and other useful things.

Risk assessments and the Cotswold Chronicles newsletter are also available to download, but you will need to be logged in to access these. If you are unsure what the login details are, or you would like a document added to this page, then please let any Committee member know.

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Pool Entry Log
List to record who is diving & swimming on a pool night and how much money is taken.

Pool Reception Duty
List of who is doing Pool Reception duty for the next few months.

Dive Management Forms
Needs to be completed by the Dive Manager who is organising the dives and contains information on dive teams and accident management details.

Branch Constitution
The Constitution and rules of the Club.


BSAC Medical Matters »
Download the latest medical forms and lists of medical referees should you need it from the BSAC website.

BSAC Membership Rates »
The latest membership rates to join BSAC from their website.

BSAC 3rd Party Liability Insurance »
Details of the 3rd party liability cover that is provided to all BSAC members.