Lyme Regis Hard Boat


Hi everyone

The trip is on board Blue Turtle which runs out of Lyme Regis which is about 100 miles (two hours) from Gloucester. My current thinking is to do a day of reef diving and a day of wrecks but that could well change depending on who wants to come along.

For those that want to do two days gas is available (although currently air only) and accommodation shouldn’t be a problem this time of year unless we have a very late spell of summer weather. For those that haven’t dived from Lyme Regis before, the boat loads on the Cob so kit loading requires planning and parking isn’t straightforward so be prepared to walk a bit but not carrying kit you’ll be glad to know.

Lyme Regis is a lovely place to visit so it may also appeal to non-diving partners – it’s a picture postcard perfect seaside village.

Link to the Blue Turtle website:

Wrecks available M2, Sidon, Ailsa Craig, Gibel Hamam, Moidart, Radass, St Dunstan. To be honest I don’t care about the wrecks they all look pretty much the same to me.

Reefs – East Tennants, West Tennants, Sawtooth Ledges the list goes on.

Please note ALL the wrecks listed above are in the 30-35m range and I know diving has been pretty restricted this year so if you are not “dived up” and happy that you can safely dive to these depths then the wreck diving day is not the trip for you. The reefs are shallower 18-25m but still interesting not as dramatic as Devon and Cornwall but still enough to keep divers happy (you’ll never want to see another sea fan again) and Sawtooth Ledges has Sunset Cup Corals on it and other than Lyme Bay you will only find those in the Scillies and in Lundy in the UK so bring your cameras.

Please let me know if you are interested and which of the two days you would like to come along for – or if you can make both days that would be fine. As above the programme isn’t fixed if everyone wants to dive wrecks both days than that’s fine it just depends who wants to come along and what the skill levels are like – the main aim is to get the club diving again after a bit of a rubbish year.

It is taking a chance with the November weather but after this year we deserve a bit of luck

If you have any questions or comments or would like to come along please let me know.


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