Nemo 33, Brussels

Descending down the 35m pit

After reading about Nemo 33 in Brussels, Europe’s deepest swimming pool, a number of Club members decided it was worth checking out. After an early start to catch the Eurostar to Brussels, we arrived. It was however quite a bit colder than a number of us were expecting, probably due to the fierce blizzard of snow!

However upon arrival at Nemo 33, which actually is on a sort of industrial estate, the blizzard meant that the place was empty! So with the sizeable pool all to ourselves, we proceeded into the depths of the 35 metre pit. It was quite a sight to be sat at 35m looking up through crystal clear water. The 33 degree certainly helped as well!

Before reaching our deco limit (yes deco in a swimming pool!), we ascended and then went into a number of ‘caves’ where we could take our regs out and talk – at 10m! After some more photo opportunities in an underwater Smart Car (!) and other attractions, we got out.

The next day we returned again to the pool. What a contrast! Since the blizzard had stopped the pool was now packed full of people. It was an interesting contrast between the two sessions. Then started the sampling of the Belgium liquid delights! Needless to say after many hours of drinking some of us needed assistance back to the Hotel…

The weekend ended with some sight seeing around Brussels and then back on the Eurostar. A very enjoyable weekend was had by all, for a cheap price, and very convenient to home!

Thanks to Jim and Scott for the photos.

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