Egypt Liveaboard 2017

1st September saw Cotswold 332 members went on their annual liveaboard pilgrimage to Egypt, doing the Northern Wrecks and Reefs itinerary with blue o two. For the majority of members, this was their first liveaboard, and indeed their first trip to Egypt.

After the customary drinks and food at the airport, it was the 5 and a bit hour trip to Egypt to endure, although this was made easier for some with extra leg room seats šŸ˜‰

Suitcases emptied, kit set up, paperwork signed, safety videos watched, it was time for some well-needed nourishment and time to hit the hay. Starting early at 7am, another video, and then finally Blue Horizon left the harbour and headed off for the first dive.

What followed over the next few days was the usual procedure of dive, sleep, eat, dive, sleep, eat with some drink thrown in for good measure. The crew on-board were great, as always, helping you zip-up your wetsuit, take your fins off, and were always around the help. The boat was very spacious and everyone took full advantage. This even included one member making use of the comfy sofas as anĀ impromptu bedroom to escape snoring roomates!

Dives included Poseidon Reef, Carnatic, Ghiannis D, Chrisola K, Thistlegorm, Dunraven, the Alternatives, Yolanda and Shark Reef, Beacon Rock, Bluff Point, the Barge, Seyir Kebir, Dolphin House and Umm Gammar.

There was of course the last night (and afternoon for those who weren’t permanently attached to their phones!) to enjoy as well, which included a great meal at the Lodge in the new marina.

Lots of fun and dives were enjoyed, and the newbies getting a taste of why once you’ve tried liveaboards you won’t go back!

Thanks to Scott, Ian and Cliff for the photos.

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