Babbacombe in January!!

So what do you do when you’ve eaten all the mince pies, finished the Xmas chocs and are still wondering where to put all the socks you’ve been given – well what you could do is go diving at Babbacombe, so that’s exactly what four of us did. Who else could possibly want to go diving this time of year I thought – well actually quite a few people the car park was packed mostly with trainees – so welcome to UK diving and don’t muck the viz up.
Fortunately they were keener than we were and were well out of the way by the time the Cotswold BSAC representatives had finished chatting and decided that there really was nothing else for it but to actually get in. Bryan had kindly arranged for the tide to be in so not too much effort required to get in and out of the water just a shame he didn’t manage the bright warm sunshine that I asked for. Water at a brisk 10c soon had me thinking that I really ought to be finishing decorating the bathroom but we all persevered and it was well worth the effort. Decent 2-4m viz and plenty of life on show made for a couple of really pleasant dives, despite my slightly eccentric navigation skills ( at least I now know what the wrong side of the harbour wall looks like). Even the café was open when we got out of the water. All this left me thinking that we really ought to go to Babbacombe more often.

Many thanks to Bryan for organising the day and for Sean and Kevin for adding to the fun.


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