January Sun in Tenerife

After Christmas there’s only one way to beat the back to work blues, and that’s to not go back to work!  That was exactly what I decided to do, so booked onto a cheap flight to Tenerife for 1 Jan 19, and sorted myself 4 days of diving.  I’d found Aquarius diving just by searching t’internet, they’re a small centre that opened in 2017, and I was attracted to them as they seemed to offer more than just turn up and dive.  They offer full equipment rental for twinset and sidemount divers, as well as standard single cylinder dive kit, and tech diving opportunities.  As a Scubapro centre all their kit is top notch and serviced in-house.

The Canary Islands are a fantastic year-round diving destination, with 20 degrees in the water, and 23 degrees up top.  It’s wetsuit conditions, but being the softened northerner I like to stay warm, so I packed my drysuit and hired almost everything else for 5 euros a dive.  The diving was all shore diving, with no more than a 45 min drive to get to the sites.  On some days there was only 2 of us diving the site.  Harry and Doina that run Aquarius Diving are so chilled out and relaxed it is great.  Admittedly, if you’d gone on holiday with your family and they expected to see you at some point you probably want to go elsewhere (I have recommendations for that too!) but if you’re going for the diving they are great.

I dived 4 different sites, from El Poris, famous for octopus, to the wreck of the El Penon, a tugboat scuppered in 35m.  All the sites offered something different, as well as great vis.  I dived on a twinset and used Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP) for the deep wreck on the final day.  If you’ve not done the course, it transforms your diving on some sites, so I’d highly recommend to give it a go.

I can’t recommend the Canaries highly enough, I really should be on commission, but if you want to dive in clear blue waters at any time of the year, with angel sharks, turtles, or stingrays, then you need to get yourself there.

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