NDAC 9th Feb 2019

Well the day was dry but cold and we had Ian Grant, Kevin Herbert and Bryan knight having a couple of bimbles while Craig Gibson took Russell Pullen in for SD Open Water Sign Offs.

The 2 bimbles consisted of Bryan Knight leading on the first dive showing off his circulatory navigation skills passing the small plane, The troop carrier and Amphibious vehicle several times. At least that was his claim we think he was just lost and going around in circles.

After a warm drink in the cafe the Second  bimble  was lead by Ian Grant (thanks Ian) with Kevin and Bryan joining him.

He took us to the single deck bus, the top of the double deck bus and then onto the gnome garden and  the ISO container swim through.  Passing a few perch on the way ,but not many fish around due to temperature. Kevin Herbert showed off his ever improving buoyancy skills by swimming through the single deck bus and the ISO container. Well done Kevin.

Meanwhile Russell was sneaking in three dives on the day and getting  sports diver open water  SO 02, 03 and 04 signed off. Well done Russell a sterling effort considering the water temperature of 7 degrees centigrade. Big thanks goes to Craig Gibson for his willingness on the day to work with Russell and get him through the modules.

All in all a good days diving was had enjoyed by all who attended the day. 


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