Virtual Bingo

Bingo might not sound like the coolest way to spend your Saturday night, but when you’ve got Jo as the best bingo caller this side of Cheltenham, you know you’re guaranteed a laugh and a great night!  Originally planned for the quiet period between Christmas and New Year but cancelled due to illness, the event was resurrected for April. A nationwide lockdown put the brakes on that idea, and it was taken online and became virtual Bingo. It was just like being in the room, only we were all in our own rooms, with Zoom as our chosen communications method.

After a few comedy live microphones we were off and running. For those not accustomed to the games of Bingo it took some getting used to. We’d all had our bingo cards posted to us in the week before, and some people managed to get through all of them on the first round, which isn’t quite the idea (but did give us all a laugh). If Bingo wasn’t enough there were even games to play between the rounds, with a Scavenger Hunt, anagrams and picture rounds to name a few. The highlight had to be watching 2 people try to play Rock Paper Scissors as a tie breaker, who knew it could be so complicated!

The event was expertly organised and run by Jo, who gets a huge thank you from all those who participated, and from the Club Committee for adding to the club’s fundraising efforts. Thanks to everyone who donated prizes, even if it does seem a long time ago. We’ll look forward to the next Bingo event being in-person, until then, look out for more virtual entertainment!

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