Kingswear Hardboat

15/16 May 2021

Falcon II is based in Kingswear Marina (North side of the River Dart) so is easily accessible for us with approx. 2 1/2 hour travel time from Gloucester. There is also plenty of accommodation available as the marina is the same side of the river Dart as Brixham, Paignton and Torquay so no Dart ferry required.

A bit of post or pre dive socialising also won’t a problem as Brixham has a decent choice of watering holes. This part of the coast offers some fantastic diving with great wrecks in Sports Diver depth range and some even better reef dives.

The plan for this trip is to do at least one dive on the wreck of the Maine and then take in some of the local reef based fauna (I’ve seen octopus on my last 3 dives in those parts so no pressure). The Maine is well worth a dive particularly as sea and age are beginning to take their toll and the vessel is starting to break up.  Please follow the link below for more info on the wreck of the Maine (although the illustration on this site is out of date as the bow has now collapsed to the sea bed). That’s the plan but as usual the weather and sea conditions on the day will have the final say on where we can get to.

For more information visit or speak to Mark.

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