Portland RIB

Planned dive trip to Portland – 14th/15th July 2018


  • Open to all Ocean divers and above
  • Use of club Rib (8 divers)
  • Require 2x Boat handlers
  • 1x qualified Oxygen administrator
  • Cost £15 to cover fuel etc

Dive plan

  • 2 dives per day, 1x wreck 1x scenic, max depth 20m
  • Current plan  Saturday Wreck of the Dredger, follow by Balaclava bay
  • Sunday Wreck of the James Fennell, Scenic TBC
  • Return to landing after each dive for tank fills and lunch


  • Plan is introduction to wrecks and reefs for Ocean divers
  • Also Introduction to Marine life identification
  • If people are happy try to mix up the experience (certainly for the SeaSearchers to share the knowledge and skills of finding and identifying)


  • Arrange own accommodation (more details to come on places that are available)
  • Encourage camping for family atmosphere and club BBQ
  • Hopefully find some scallops for the BBQ 🙂

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  1. Russell pullen says:

    Hi Paul it’s Russell, just to let you know I won’t be able to make it this Saturday, going try and get on one of the August trips, Cheers russ

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