Quiz Night

Once again it was that time again for the Cotswold BSAC quiz….with a fantastic turn out of over 50 people and 14 teams! The function room at the Churchdown Club was packed with the night starting with some good value food provided by the Club.

As usual there was a variety of rounds ranging from the more traditional like general knowledge and film picture round, to audio rounds like guess the musical and guess the voice, to more unusual rounds like the brain teasers, true or false, recent news and even a game of guessing the sport in a ‘charades’ type game!

Ian had provided a fun game of guess the length of string wrapped around two bottles of wine, and there was also a cash raffle of two prizes of £11 pounds each. Both of these proved popular; congratulations to Baxter to winning the wine (much to Des’ annoyance with a very close answer!), and Lesley and Steve to winning the cash.

With 4 prize winning places there was plenty to play for, and also the exclusive ‘Not the Brightest Spark’ Award for last place! The winners (losers?) of this award were ‘Last of the Summer Divers’, who of course had to have their photo taken with it! Joint 3rd place were ‘No Idea’ and the ‘Quizzy Rascals’ winning 4 bottles of wine (donated by the Churchdown Club) and 4 boxes of maltesers. 2nd place went to ‘Quizlamic Extremists’ who got £20, with the winners ‘Katies Crew’ grabbing £40.

Thanks to everyone for attending, what I think you will agree was a fun and enjoyable night. Thanks to Jacqui for organising the food, Ian, Jo, Leanne and Connor for helping out and raising more funds, and of course Des for loan of the amplifiers. Also thanks to everyone who helped clean up the room and tables at the end of the night. A total of £142.03 profit was made from the evening so thanks to everyone who contributed to a great night. If you weren’t there, you missed out!

Thanks to Jo, Ian and Jacqui for the photos.

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