50th Anniversary Pop Quiz

This year is a special year for Cotswold 332 where we are celebrating our 50th year.

We are holding a number of events one of which is a Pop Music Quiz where questions and music will be spread over the entire period of the 1960’s to present date.

There will be cash prizes, on the spot prizes, and other things going on but the aim is to have a fun quiz where everyone from all ages will know some of the music.

It is aimed to be that an average team will get around 50% at least correct but will certainly know the music.. (If not being able to name it.)

There will be Beat the intro, Music clips, Picture round, anagram (with clues) etc.

I really hope this can be teams of club members, social members, friends and family.

I have sent invitations to our nearby clubs too so please do come along and show the depth of knowledge in our club. Perhaps bring your children, parents or grand children to give your team the edge!

If any of you are able to provide a small gift either for the spot prizes or raffle prizes that would be great ( although not mandatory) as primarily we just want you to attend and have fun.

Teams of no more than 4, £10 a team. Phones must be either left at home or in your pocket or bag… Too easy to cheat otherwise.. (haha)

Anyway, please do think of a good team name and let me know you can come. Lets make this a big event.

For more information please contact Des.

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