Quiz Night

Thanks to everyone who attended the Quiz night at the Tivoli. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves, I thought it was a fun night! We had competition between the teams; Cotswold Stoned, Les Quizzerables, The Young Ones, the Marine Engineers, and who could forget Pauls one man team – one little boy!

There was a variety of rounds, from the more traditional, to guessing the road sign, songs from films, and even stacking mashmellows on top of each other and transferring skittles from one plate to another just using the suction of a straw!

The winners of two bottles of Prosecco, one bottle of white and one of red, were our honorary guests Les Quizzerables, followed by Cotswold Stoned made up of Nick, Jacqui, Alison and also Baxter from the Evesham Sub Aqua Club » who got the tub of chocolates.

Well done to all! If you weren’t there, first why not (?), second you missed out! 😉

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